Sunday, August 28, 2011


Have you ever come across old writings from your youth?

As legend has it, the science fiction book "Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blue" (Utides) was written in 1975-1976 and then locked away in a blue metal trunk or chest for 25-years. The magic metal chest, as I now call it because of the many secrets inside, was stored in my parent’s basement and never touched. This chest has only been opened twice since the late 1970s. True story!

In the year 2000 I opened the chest and discovered the partly hand-written and typed manuscript of Utides, and then set about re-writing it. Also in 2000, I found a handwritten manuscript of an immature and badly written novel entitled "The Sable Gypsy" which I rewrote into an interesting screenplay (Romance-Thriller). The story is set on the island of Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy, France. I wrote it shortly after returning from there in 1974.

On August 23, 2011 I opened the chest for the second time in thirty-five years. Opening the chest, I discovered my old writings: several journals, two children's books, and other writings; plus pen & pencil drawings; not too mention, love poems by an old boyfriend written circa late-1960s.

What fun to rediscover these creative endeavours again! After all, I was in my mid-20s when they were created. There was even a small blue travel journal from 1974 when I spent six months driving throughout Europe with a friend. It was then in 1974 in Athens, Greece that the blue metal trunk first came into my possession. After six months on the road, I sold my 1968 Volkswagen Variant to a Greek couple. And in return the woman gave me her blue trunk to put all my travel paraphernalia in and ship home. She was American from California and had fallen in love with a Greek man. When she left California for the last time to live in Athens with him, she shipped over her belongings in the blue chest. In fact, it still has her name and the Athens address on it.

Unfortunately, now I have to permanently empty the blue chest because of rust and its old smelly condition. Years ago I had lined it with asbestos board, making it airtight, and now everything in it is well-preserved, as new as the day I closed the lid in the late '70s. A few days ago I emptied the contents into two cardboard boxes, wondering if the papers will now start to deteriorate.

Having to sadly dispose of it, I asked a friend to take some photographs of me next to this special blue chest. Silly, I suppose, but I wanted to remember the occasion because of all the memories it kept safe for so many years. Including a Kewpie-doll that my dad had given mom on one of their first dates over 70-years ago. Kewpies or Cupies are dolls that resemble a chubby child with a tummy that sticks out, tiny blue wings, and a single strand of blonde hair. Dad won it at a carnival.

So what do I do with all these writings?

One day I’ll sift through them to see if a story sparks my interest like “Barbed Wire Blues” did and, then, begin the editing process: reviewing, upgrading, rewriting, all the while attempting to keep that first magical impulse and the underlying storyline.

So if you come across old writings from your youth, don’t discard them. When reading them you may appreciate how brilliant you thought you were way back then because you probably were!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hot Summer Nights

Hot summer nights here on the west coast---summer finally arrived after a rainy start. Rain all over the world, actually. Even in Tuscany, Italy when I was there, and also Rhodes, Greece. Continuing freak weather patterns happening all over the world, along with a little UFO activity. Hmmm, do you think the two are related? Fluctuating barometers also upset emotional balance, at least it does with me. What about you?

Have a healing and renewing summer! And for those 'Downunder' who are now in winter, embrace the wonderful cool air. And for those in dire circumstances (e.g., Somalia), know that help arrives due to media exposure and, thus, assistance will arrive. We send loving energy to you.


Live 2 Live!
[Photo take in Lake Como, Italy]

Friday, April 22, 2011


. . . but let's not tell!

It was Earth Day today, all day. What did that mean?  I watched people read the newspaper made from clear-cutting trees, exchange paper coffee cups for plastic re-useables, march in parades with signs to Save the Earth and hoping someone is listening; I observed politicians use Earth Day for their platform one day a year, and greedy corporations tell us they're helping the planet by using such an' such and saving so an' so—yet another diffusion of the truth.

Meanwhile, the M-Class Solar Flare released today on the surface of our Sun will bring extreme weather in the northern hemisphere over the next 72 hours.

NASA has warned us that these major flares will continue through 2012-2013, the Sun releasing extreme solar flares.* NASA has told us to get ready for a once in a lifetime solar storm. Astrophysicist Alexia Demetria says our solar system is entering an interstellar energy cloud**—the Photon Belt. This interstellar energy cloud excites or energizes the sun even more. However, you never hear about it in the news.

So who is lying to us by not informing us, which would give us the option to prepare for catastrophic weather and economic times? The Sun's flares bring earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, flooding, population migration, and the resultant economy blowout. It's the subject of my e-Book "Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues" (downloadable at ). The novel's theme is: What would happen when corporate dictators control the population and that same population rises up and migrates en masse to one location in order to bring about a major (R)evolution of Soul?

In real time, the greedy corporate dictators are still trying to sell us on fossil fuel and trying to convince us that nuclear energy is safe. Oops, so I guess the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant explosion blew those theories out of the water, so to speak!

If you want to do something really exceptional for Earth Day this year, get informed! Read these three books to balance your survival rate and help the Earth:

1) My e-Novel: "Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues", download from
2) My non-fiction book: "12 Golden Keys for a New World: Unlocking the Door to Conscious Freedom—Change Your Life, Change Your Planet" by M. J. Milne (Blue Heron Productions, 2010; ISBN 978-0-9739654-1-4), order from:
3) Jeane Manning's "Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World (

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Review by Ed Farolan

12 Golden Keys to a New World by M.J. Milne
Book Reviewer Ed Farolan

I was moved by this book, both emotionally and spiritually.  God moves the spirit in strange ways.  In one of the book's episodes, it talks of a woman who wanted to go to Mt. Grouse, but she ran out of money.  But lo and behold! The bus driver that drove up to Grouse gave her the money she needed to get on the gondola and back, plus a transfer for the bus to go back to Vancouver! 

But that’s not the end of the story.  While shopping, she heard an old lady in a department store saying she didn’t have that extra dollar to buy something.  And here she was, this lady who had the same experience in Grouse, come and offer her the dollar. Coincidence? Not really, answers Milne in her book, because that’s what 12 Golden Keys is about, its main theme being “Live to live”, where apparent coincidences aren't really coincidences. It's the way things flow, the ways things are meant to be.

In this book, Milne talks of the twelve secret keys to your encounter with your soul, with God.  It talks of listening quietly to your inner voice who is our soul and God talking to you and answering your prayers.
There’s a lot of talk these days of the end of the world, this material world we’re imprisoned in.  Perhaps because a new world awaits us, the spirit world where we’ll float in weightlessness like spirits, as testified by those who have died and come back to life again.

Just recently, the Vatican opened St. Lucia’s letter, the third letter from the Virgin of Fatima, prophesying the end of the world, to prepare us for our spiritual travel.  Our Lady’s letter to Lucia (1916) prophesizes the advent of earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, plagues, deadly viruses—all signs of the beginning of the end.  All these we are witnessing today.  In fact, Jehovah’s witnesses have been talking about the beginning of the end for the past several years.

This book with its 12 secret keys prepares us so we don’t panic when the end comes.  It’s a well-organized book with detailed footnotes, articles from different contributors and spiritual key exercises. Marilyn J. Milne wrote another book in 2005, a prophetic novel, Universal Tides, ( out of which evolved 12 Golden Keys.  Why the magic number 12 is also discussed in this book by this Canadian author who is also an artist and scriptwriter born and raised near the rainforests of Vancouver, B.C. 

Her upcoming free workshop “Keys for Change: Create Your World, Your Way!” is on March 30th at the West Vancouver Library, 7:00 – 9:00 pm. For more info, check her website

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Isn't it About Time?

ARTICLE: Senior Living Magazine – March 2011

Isn't it About Time?
By Joan W. Winter
Posted: Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Twenty years ago, while driving a B.C. transit bus, Marilyn Joyce (M.J.) Milne had a strange encounter of the mystical kind. As she pulled into a stop and opened the door, a maroon-robed man with a black goatee beard was standing at the stop. He didn’t board the bus, but stood there silently staring up at her. Impatient, she closed the door and drove away. But the second day, and then a third, he was there again, and the same thing happened. Although he didn’t speak, he seemed to be telepathically communicating a message to her. “Isn’t it about time?”

To M.J., the incident didn’t seem odd. She had always been a spiritual seeker. Perhaps it was time, she thought, as the stranger disappeared in the rear-view mirror, time to look inside herself for the answers she sought; time to change her life and listen to the inner messages of soul. The appearance of the stranger, who she thought to be a spiritual master, was a turning point, the catalyst, which set her on a path of spiritual enlightenment and self-discovery.

Born in Vancouver in 1948, the eldest of three girls, M.J. moved with her family to North Vancouver. As a child, her abilities as an artist and writer, her love of travel and her interest in the world of spirit, emerged early. After graduating in 1967 from Delbrook High School, she studied art at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design, attended Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. Planning a career as an artist, she painted, working hard at improving her skill.

While at university, following a series of profound occurrences, M.J. began investigating alternative ways of living, thinking and believing. She disagreed with the man-made theories of the many university philosophy books she had to read, and the traditional world religions she researched failed to provide satisfactory answers to her many questions. She sought spiritual paths in the “New Age” movement. She joined the feminist movement and became an activist; wrote screenplays, magazine articles, and hand-wrote a revolutionary New Age science-fiction novel, *Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues* - a tome some 500 pages long, which she stored in a trunk at her parent’s house, and promptly forgot about as life and living intervened.

Accepting a job up north, M.J. worked as an assistant to a geologist at an isolated goldmine north of Stewart, B.C. There, in her spare time, her connection with nature heightened, she painted imaginative landscapes in oils, which were sought after by art collectors. She exhibited in a gallery and all her paintings sold.

Settling again in North Vancouver, she served as a grassroots publicist for Canadian music groups, and produced and directed several music events. She travelled extensively. And over the years had two long-term relationships, which played a very important part in her life.

After her experience with the spiritual master at the bus stop in 1983, which she interpreted as a "calling," M.J.’s life changed direction. She began an intense spiritual journey. Instead of searching for answers in the experiences of others, she began looking inward to find the answers within herself. She sought to understand the profound occurrences that had transformed her life, their usefulness to her, and to listen to the voice of Soul.

Returning after 25 years to her parents’ home to take care of her ailing father, M.J. rediscovered her handwritten novel tucked safely away in a wooden chest. “It was strangely prophetic and relevant to today’s world,” she says. “So much of what is written in the book has come true; and more, I feel, is yet to happen.”

Feeling the book contained an important message, one she wanted to share with others, she rewrote it and published it as an e-book entitled Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues. It found an instant audience. “Little did I know that the theme of UTides - the fall of Man and the rise of the Spirit - could actually happen, depending on our choices! Included in the book are 12 Golden Keys. While helping the characters in the book, the 12 Golden Keys also helped many readers gain inner insights. They began using the keys to ask Soul all of life’s most intriguing questions - and getting answers!”

The idea for the 12 Golden Keys came through as she was rewriting Universal Tides and, together with her own life-altering experiences, became the inspiration for M.J.’s startling non-fiction book 12 Golden Keys for a New World: Unlocking the Door to Conscious Freedom - Change Your Life, Change Your Planet.

With the book written, M.J., with true entrepreneurial spirit, decided not to go the traditional publishing route, that of finding an agent and publisher and perhaps waiting up to five years for the book to be published. Or, if she couldn’t find a publisher, risk the book not being published at all. Using her own literary and artistic ability, she launched her own publishing company, Blue Heron Productions, with the added responsibility of self-marketing and promoting her book.

"Two years to write it, one year to publish it," M.J. smiles, "and 20 years to live it!" With a wink, she says, "And I loved every moment. If you don't love what you do, you're not meant to do it! When you discover your passion, you have a reason to live."

For more information about M.J.’s books, visit or

PHOTO: Joan Winter for senior Living Magazine.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Change is inevitable. Discover inner guidance. And . . . Be your own light.
"All individual things pass away. Strive on, untiringly." INFO:

Sunday, March 6, 2011


FREE TALK & WORKSHOP: Wednesday March 30th, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at West Vancouver Memorial Library, 1950 Marine Drive, West Vancouver. 

M. J. Milne talks about her new book 12 Golden Keys for a New World: Unlocking the Door to Conscious Freedom—Change Your Life, Change Your Planet (ISBN 978-0-9739654-1-4). 

Discover 12 strategies to create your world, your way. Her book about 12 Golden Keys is a powerful toolbox for tackling the challenges of a world in transition and a catalyst to reignite your spiritual quest.  

Monday, January 31, 2011


Have you been going through an unusual amount of experiences, one after the other? As the 'Great Turning'* progresses and accelerates, so do we. Starting the New Year with a solar eclipse on January 4th propelled most of us 'sensitive beings' into a spiral. [*Term coined by Joanna Macy]

Speaking for myself, my work with 12 Golden Keys for a New World came to a full stop over December and January. I wondered why and came to the conclusion that I was supposed to rest now and gather strength for what's coming.

I also realized I needed to let go of all the "tricks" I was clinging to—the ones we're taught to do to spiritualize ourselves. Whether it's our "usual tools of yoga, meditation, shielding, clearing, cleansing, and affirmations," or whatever we perform on the outer to make us feel closer to Spirit. I don't mean to say anything against these processes; they all have their place in our spiritual development. These outer processes help us to focus on what really matters. But then 'American Idol' or 'Survivor' or 'Dancing with the Stars' slowly seeps in and I can't wait for the great blur to take over. ;O) 

Therefore, focusing on going to the interior worlds for answers can be a struggle—those multidimensional worlds of Spirit, the divine matrix just beyond the looking glass. It is in the still quiet where lives all you are seeking. To remain conscious of the Living Energy on this earthly plane is impossible. Being a part of this life is our lesson, many lessons to realize and embrace. You are so loved in the world of "us." Be at peace.

There will be lots of changes this year. Many of you will think that some are negative and some positive; yet within the realms of Spirit, there is no difference. Out of this seeming chaos will come the vision of our new reality, which already exists. So Be It now!

Take a leap of faith and open to your inner knowing, not relying on your mental process and anything that is outside of you. Once you learn to trust in the pure Voice of Soul and your intuition, you reconnect easily with that amazing inner peace and joy that is your innate being.

—With much love, MJM of

 [01-31-2011]  [Photo by Julie Mitchell, 'Yukon Sunset']

Monday, January 24, 2011

Traveling With Spirit

Travel Tip: Don't wait on 'HOLD' with a portable phone while booking flights.
I've never used air mile points to book flights before. Have you? What a test in patience! I waited forty minutes on the portable phone for someone to answer. As soon as the service rep finally came on, my phone died. Ha. Is this a message? Am I supposed to go on holidays? Yes, but not that flight I was about to book. Ah, the ways of spirit are endless---my inner guides are protecting me.
Where to go on my holidays? Greece or Italy? Couldn't make up my mind, so I'm going to both. Visiting Greece again after 15 years came as a total surprise to me. So I will go to visit my friend Perry in Greece and give the country my tourist dollars--they can use them, or so I'm told. And then off to Italy for a friend's 50th birthday at a villa. 21 days of travel. I'll definitely be bringing my "Travel Angel" with me! [Photo]
Stay tuned, I'll be blogging about it here:
~MJM ;O)
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